WinImage 10.0

Create, read, edit, convert, and extract image files in a variety of formats

Disk images allow you to store exact clones of entire disks or partitions in a convenient and compact manner. WinImage is a full-featured tool that comes with all the elements you need to create, extract, edit, defragment, and change the format of disk images. It allows you to remove and insert files and folders from and into existing disk images and to batch-create new ones conveniently using its batch assistant.

Though a bit outdated in terms of design, the program’s interface is fairly intuitive. The trial version reviewed here has been severely limited, especially when it comes to performing changes in an already-existing disk image. Once registered, apart from visualizing the contents of a given image, you’ll be able to “inject” files and folders into it without extracting and re-creating it, remove files from it, create a new folder inside it, defragment it, and change its label, format, and boot sector properties.

What you can do is extract specific files and folders or the entire disk image and create a self-extracting file with it. But the feature that makes this tool stand out from other similar utilities is its Batch Assistant. Designed to help you create disk images out of a number of good-old floppies mainly, it includes a wizard that will guide you through the entire process.

There are a number of other features that are open to trial users, though they should be handled with extreme care. They will let you erase a disk and make it bootable, format a disk, change its Master Boot record properties, etc.

Given the restrictions imposed on the trial version, I can only recommend you to download it and check it for yourself – through turning long-gone floppy disks into safe disk images seems to be at the basis of this tool, there are many more things you can do with its useful functionality.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Creates self-extracting files
  • Batch assistant to archive multiple disks
  • Supports all types of disks and file systems
  • Converts between archive formats
  • Support for Virtual Hard Drives


  • Outdated interface
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